There’s An Exception to Every Rule

Model reports are designed to handle general cases but can never handle the nuances found in complex healthcare organizations. So hospitals are on their own to handle the exceptions – except when they have Polaris.

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Best Report Format? Test Your Skills

Operational reports are rows and columns of numbers, right? Except when they are dashboards, graphs, control charts, indicators or cubes. There are many formats that each have a unique superpower. Test your report knowledge with this quiz.

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What Doesn’t Get Measured Doesn’t Get Done

We’ve all heard the saying, “What gets measured gets done.” It means regular measurement and reporting keep you focused — because you use that information to make decisions that improve your results. At Polaris, we believe the reverse is true as well. If you are not measuring your key indicators, you may not know you have a problem until it’s too late. And there is very little margin for error in healthcare today.

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Who’s Afraid of Data-Driven Management?

This article from Harvard Business Review by Jeff Bladt and Bob Filbin offers insight into who will embrace a data-driven culture and who will resist. The authors’ assessment of the psychology may help you leverage the positive and overcome the negative.

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Hospital Data as an Asset – Where Do You Stand?

Healthcare executives are launching their organizations into the world of data driven management. Value Based Purchasing, Personalized Medication, Consumerism and Preventative Care are helping to fuel the migration. Here is a view of the industry’s progress and challenges. How does your organization match up? If you’re not satisfied, Polaris can help.

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When Everything is Urgent

Urgent projects demand a response. And because they do, they quickly go to the front of the queue and we react. This is essential in a crisis – a critical deadline for instance. But given the demands currently overwhelming healthcare IT departments, it has become the new norm. As a result, we perpetually react – responding when a project becomes urgent. But is this the best way to work?

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Relieve the Cost Burden & Gain Speed

Reports and analytic projects have different characteristics from traditional IT projects. They call for an approach with low overhead and a keen focus on data and interdependencies. Here’s ideas to help tailor your process.

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Quick Access to Information = Less Waiting

Let’s face it. No one likes to wait. Waiting causes anxiety, boredom, impatience and that niggling feeling of falling behind. Fortunately, we offer solutions that reduce wait time for reports.

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Sage Advice on Readmission Reporting

Advice from an expert that will save you time, money and needless frustration in monitoring and benchmarking readmissions.

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Polaris Exhibited at Healthcare Business Intelligence Forum

Healthcare Business Intelligence Forum

Polaris exhibited at the Healthcare Business Intelligence Forum April 16 & 17, 2014.

This two-day educational event was designed to provide implementation-level information to executives at healthcare organizations to help them plan for and execute a transition in both clinical and business operations through the effective use of data and analytics driven insights.

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