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Company Overview

Polaris Strategic Solutions was founded to eliminate the obstacles preventing many hospitals and health networks from implementing a true enterprise reporting system – one that provides the richness of detail and depth of analysis needed to run a highly effective business operation.

In today’s health care management world, data and business intelligence tools are not enough. They must be integrated into business reporting systems that are flexible, dynamic and responsive so they can deliver meaningful information when, where and how it is needed for more informed decision making across the enterprise.

Addressing this critical need was the catalyst for Polaris and its agile enterprise reporting service. It is our innovative approach to enterprise reporting for healthcare administration and management – one that combines the ease and convenience of online portals with continuous access to the expertise culled from more than 50 years of experience in health care decision support – that sets Polaris apart.

We provide the tools to make business analytics meaningful and the predictive modeling to ensure those tools drive more informed decisions against a backdrop of unprecedented industry change. From identifying key metrics and in-depth analysis vital to your organization to designing and building custom dashboards and healthcare management reports that provide you with the information you need in the way you want to see it, Polaris is there every step of the way.

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