Sage Advice on Readmission Reporting

Advice from an expert that will save you time, money and needless frustration in monitoring and benchmarking readmissions.

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Polaris Exhibited at Healthcare Business Intelligence Forum

Healthcare Business Intelligence Forum

Polaris exhibited at the Healthcare Business Intelligence Forum April 16 & 17, 2014.

This two-day educational event was designed to provide implementation-level information to executives at healthcare organizations to help them plan for and execute a transition in both clinical and business operations through the effective use of data and analytics driven insights.

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Test Your Reporting Tool Performance

Many live by the proverb “it is a poor workman who blames his tools”. But reporting technology has advanced so rapidly, it is a good time to examine your tools. Employing up-to-date tools can speed you through your report backlog. Here’s a quick quiz to determine if you need a tool upgrade. Select the answer that best represents your current situation.

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A Healthy Reporting System

Join our webcast to learn about The Healthy Reporting System. We’ll discuss the importance of each aspect with a definition of “good health” for each. Finally, we’ll point you to supplemental information in case you find an area that needs further attention.

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Missed Our Webinar? Here’s the Recording

Is your report backlog growing beyond your capacity? Do users complain of slow turnaround? Are you having trouble finding staff with the necessary skills in report construction, data analytics and healthcare enterprise-wide reporting?

We recently held a webinar where we shared a myriad of tips you can use immediately to up your game and improve your results.

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Jefferson Hospital Uses an Agile Approach for Unassigned Patients

Jefferson Hospital in Jefferson Hills, PA, is utilizing an agile approach to their strategic decision making which is proving to be highly effective. They are tackling critical issues with a 1-2 punch – speculate then iterate.

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Why Do We Struggle to Make Good Decisions?

We make hundreds of decisions a week in our daily lives. So why is it so hard to make important decisions at work? Here are some of the challenges that hold us back.

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Are You Expecting Too Much from Your Reporting Software?

In a word, YES. We have talked to countless organizations who have purchased a reporting package with great anticipation – only to have disappointing results. Why? Here are some of the expectations that proved to be a little too high.

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Crucial Skills to Find Meaning in Your Data

Getting true value from your decision support effort requires a trio of skills. Find out which you have and which you are missing.

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Our Favorite Timesavers

Tools and services that save time help us get through those busy days. We thought you might like to hear about some that we find useful.

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