What Doesn’t Get Measured Doesn’t Get Done

We’ve all heard the saying, “What gets measured gets done.” It means regular measurement and reporting keep you focused — because you use that information to make decisions that improve your results.

At Polaris, we believe the reverse is true as well. If you are not measuring your key indicators, you may not know you have a problem until it’s too late. And there is very little margin for error in healthcare today.

That’s why we offer our Polaris Suite of Services. It’s designed to help you monitor your progress in key areas including:

  • Quality & Compliance
  • Fiscal Stability
  • Productivity & Utilization
  • Revenue Cycle Excellence
  • Physician Performance
  • Population Health

Reporting Features

Polaris provides you a quick look at your progress with a drill down capability to pinpoint problems and outliers. Key features include:

Customized dashboard

Every organization is unique. So Polaris tailors every dashboard to reflection the nuances of the situation. And our ongoing service keeps our reports current as the organization changes.

Consolidated reporting

Polaris is vendor neutral. We accept data from various sources. We are SQL based and accept other data feeds such as flat files. We even offer a mechanism for hand-keyed data.

Visual presentation

Polaris dashboards feature stoplights, graphs and other mechanisms to help you see trends, comparisons and progress toward targets. And of course, users can dive deeply into the data behind the charts.

Personalized access

Polaris is fully secure. End users can only see the reports and information that they have been authorized to see. Also, end users can create reports, save them and even share them if desired.

Consistent metrics

Because Polaris centralizes the reporting activity, we can apply standards and formulas with a consistency that eliminates erratic results commonly found in a distributed environment (e.g. Departmental spreadsheets).

“Polaris has brought timely, relevant information to our fingertips. Every level of our organization benefits.”

CFO, Berkshire Health Systems

Finding Success with Polaris

Our customers find our solutions vital to their success. Here’s what Darlene Rodowicz, Chief Financial Officer at Berkshire Health Systems, says, “Each morning, I use Polaris to get a quick look at the data most important to me. Polaris has brought timely, relevant information to our fingertips. Every level of our organization benefits. We finally have the data we need to help us with both our operational and strategic decisions.”

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