One data set or report is often not enough to make an informed decision within a hospital or health system, particularly if that decision will impact the entire enterprise.

The challenge is that data sets are typically stored separately and must be viewed individually—creating room for error and slowing down workflows and decision processes.

At Polaris, our customizable reports can be combined to form specialized dashboards based on enterprise needs or end-user preferences. This allows previously siloed information to be viewed and analyzed from a single access point…and from the appropriate perspective.

For example, to better visualize product line analysis, templates can be constructed to present market share data from multiple points of view—overall, individual product line, percent of operating income by product line, individual market assessment—then customized to form a single reporting dashboard.

Dashboards can be built from existing reports within the enterprise or new reports can be built by our trusted consultants. And like our innovative reporting modules, dashboards can be customized to present information according to user preferences, including such visual elements as graphs, gauges, analytic cubes, as well as more traditional spreadsheets.

Finally, because reports are continually updated, dashboards will display the most up-to-date information available…placing valuable information at the fingertips of those who need it most.

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