Additional Solutions

You can count on Polaris to cover the needs of your entire enterprise. We gather healthcare data from any available source to meet your specific requirements and analytic needs. The healthcare data analytics options and services are endless, providing your organization an information resource you’ll find invaluable. Here are a few more examples:

Market Share Data

Let Polaris help you stay on top of market share shifts and leakage, identify customer opportunities and become more proactive with your outreach. We present the data needed to construct your strategic plans and initiatives through advanced reporting services and interactive dashboards.

Market Share Data

Benchmark and Trend Data

How much time is being lost with manual data compilation, ineffective report presentation and outdated or inaccurate information? Speed up your analytics projects with quick, automated and accurate date. Get speed to action with Polaris.

Benchmark Trend Data

Process Improvement Data

There are no limits to the requirements for healthcare data reports when undertaking a process improvement effort. Whether you use Lean, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management or your own methodology, having timely information is important at every phase of the project. You’ll have the advantage of invaluable illumination throughout your process improvement project with Polaris with a range of options.

  • Pareto analysis
  • Survey results graphing
  • Tally charts
  • Trend charts
  • Process control charts

Process Improvement


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