Beware the Shadow Staff

You can find them hiding in every organization if you look hard enough. They add expense, confusion and disunion. Why do they exist? How do you know if you are infected? What do you do when you find them? Never fear…Polaris has a solution.

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Shadow Drivers

Shadow Staff exist due to gaps in the overall business model. Read about the 5 gap areas that were identified by a Booz & Company study.

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How the Shadow Staff Starts

Read about one organization’s experience with Shadow Staff expansion. It begins with a dashboard.

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A Yardstick for Enterprise-wide Reporting

Sometimes it’s important to compare your current situation with an industry-level standard. The Reporting Capability Level Chart has been adapted from a HIMSS publication. Use the descriptions, benefits and challenges to gauge your current position on the climb to enterprise reporting. Then assess your next step to success.

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DATA, DATA Everywhere! Now what?

Are you struggling to keep up with the demand for reports? Is there no end to the disparate spreadsheets that need reconciling? Is the demand for analytics growing but folks don’t seem to use the information they already have? Don’t despair, there are strategies that can help.

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Data Visualization Expertise

Data visualization is becoming increasing more important to decision making because the viewer can understand the essence at a glance – especially those of us who are visual learners. New, more sophisticated, visualization tools are emerging all the time making it extremely difficult for hospital IT departments to allocate the resources needed to stay on top of the advancements. With the Polaris service you don’t have to.

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Is Timely Reporting a Problem? Not Anymore!

Is Timely Reporting a Problem? Not Anymore! Rachel Tomkowicz, Manager of Business Applications for Berkshire Health Systems, told her story at the 2012 International MUSE Conference.

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Three Tips for Effective Health Care Reporting

Health systems need to capitalize on their underlying information, now more than ever before. But success for many organizations has been both expensive and elusive. Here are tips to help you avoid the three major pitfalls that can quickly diminish your reporting efforts.

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