There’s An Exception to Every Rule

Hospitals are like snowflakes – each one is unique. So are the patients they serve and the care providers who serve them.

This simple fact is the reason why reports from software vendors fall short. Model reports are designed to handle general cases but can never handle the nuances found in complex organizations. Variances in locations, size, services, time of day, day of the week and physician preferences create exceptions to the rules. So to be truly useful, model reports must be modified every time.

“There is no exception to the rule that every rule has an exception.”James Thurber

Of course, you could request the vendor to make the modifications for you. This approach is usually a slow and expensive option IF the vendor will agree to customize. Many won’t.

Some software vendors offer templates to get you started and tools so you can do it yourself. But that means you need to learn their reporting tool, data structures and standards. And you have to do this for each of your various software vendors. How is this a good use of your precious resources?

So what do you do? All too often, the answer is to take the model reports and do manual calculations and corrections – repeatedly for every reporting period. In order to get the information you need for your daily operations in a way that is meaningful to you, you have routine administrative work to do. Your valuable time is diverted from your main job duties because you don’t have a choice.

Custom Reports to Your Specifications

Good news. Now there is an exception to this rule – Polaris. We handle your unique requirements by customizing reports according to your specifications. You see the information exactly as you need it … whenever you need it. No manual calculations. Freeing up your time to focus elsewhere.

Do you need to align revenue with FTE constructs for accurate productivity reporting? No problem. Do you need to see 30-minute increments in some situations and 15-minute increments in others? No problem. Do you have different rules on Tuesdays than you do on Wednesdays? No problem. Do you want to see items over 3 days old in a different category? Also, no problem. We make it work for you – automatically.

Here’s an example of a custom chart created for a Length of Stay study. This chart compares the Length of Stay for assigned and unassigned Inpatients who were admitted through the Emergency Department as compared to all unassigned inpatient cases for a rolling 12 months. This complex report was built specifically to satisfy the requirements of the study.


Polaris offers a report writing service specifically for hospitals. We produce complex reports, graphs, charts and dashboards with customized formulas. We consolidate data from multiple sources across the enterprise. And because we are a subscription service, you can call us whenever you need us.

We offer an EXCEPTIONAL service that addresses the exceptions in healthcare reporting. We invite you to make your life easier and contact us. Let’s talk about your unique challenges.

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