Is Timely Reporting a Problem? Not Anymore!

Is Timely Reporting a Problem? Not Anymore! Rachel Tomkowicz, Manager of Business Applications for Berkshire Health Systems, told her story at the 2012 International MUSE Conference. 

As a session presenter, Rachel shared her organization’s reporting frustrations which included long wait times for information, data inconsistency due to information silos and a growing concern with accuracy of data.  Attempts to utilize “out-of-the-box” reporting tools did not solve the problem.  Finally, Rachel brought in Polaris Strategic Solutions and has succeeded in making enterprise reporting an integral management tool for her organization.  Information is now readily available to all.  Reporting is centralized (a single source of truth).  Easy-to-read reports can be quickly “tweaked” as needs change and they are fully supported by a drill down capability.  As a result, the system is used by over 350 people at BHS including the executives who use the online dashboard feature in their weekly status meetings.  Click here to see Rachel’s presentation.

Berkshire Health Systems (BHS) is located in Pittsfield, Mass and serves the Berkshires & surrounding communities.  A private, not-for-profit organization, BHS serves the region through a network of affiliates which include Berkshire Medical Center, the BMC Hillcrest Campus, Fairview Hospital, Berkshire Visiting Nurse Association, BHS physician practices, and long-term care associate Berkshire Healthcare Systems.  BHS utilizes Meditech, Allscripts and eMPI.

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