A Yardstick for Enterprise-wide Reporting

How does your organization measure up?

Sometimes it’s important to compare your current situation with an industry-level standard. The Reporting Capability Level Chart has been adapted from a HIMSS publication. Use the descriptions, benefits and challenges to gauge your current position on the climb to enterprise reporting. Then assess your next step to success.

Reporting Capability Levels


Enterprise Reporting (Level 4) can only be achieved if you have several key ingredients. First, you must have a reporting tool that utilizes a database fed by (but separate from) your organization’s transactional systems. Next, you must have an integrated set of reports that give your various business units & departments the level of detail they need to be effective. The reports must be based on a standard presentation constructs to optimize understanding yet minimize the need for training and recalculations. Finally, there must be an enterprise-wide plan that supports the organization’s key initiatives.

Polaris offers a toolset proven to serve the entire organization – from executives to departmental analysts – across hospital departments, physician practices and supporting entities. We offer trending, dashboards, process charts and much more – all with a consistent look & feel – tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Our staff specializes in healthcare reporting. We are highly skilled at data visualization techniques. Our unique combination of tools and service is offered at a convenient, annual fee. Climb to the highest level quickly and efficiently with Polaris Strategic Solutions.

Source: Communicating through Robust Reporting, by Prashant Natarajan, Implementing Business Intelligence in Your Healthcare Organization, HIMSS, 2012

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