A Healthy Reporting System

We all know that good health is a balancing act across all aspects of our lives: nutrition, life purpose, physical fitness, emotional well-being and connection to others. They all interconnect. And while each has its own unique set of considerations, we must be mindful of every aspect in order to have optimal health. Likewise, if one area is suffering, the success of the whole is compromised.

But did you know that similar principles apply to the health (and success) of a healthcare reporting system? It’s true. We think first about acquiring the necessary technology. But technology alone is insufficient because people must also be considered. And did you know there are three skill areas required? And that the staff must be empowered to act according to the mission? But how do you make sure they are? Of course, a thorough understanding of your stakeholders is essential, too.

All aspects must be considered. For example, we’ve seen that the lack of a good ad hoc program can make the report backlog grow exponentially which leads to frustrated employees and very dissatisfied end-users. Likewise, the lack of an enterprise-wide reporting program will lead to dysfunctional silos (and ultimately to trust issues and productivity drain).

A healthy reporting system can be a challenge especially if it isn’t managed as a collection of interdependent parts. But with a comprehensive overview and a few changes in critical areas, it is possible to make a measurable improvement.

View¬†our webcast to learn about The Healthy Reporting System.. We’ll discuss the importance of each aspect with a definition of “good health” for each. Finally, we’ll point you to supplemental information in case you find an area that needs further attention.

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