Why are Analytics Tools Driving Healthcare IT Professionals to the Brink?

Analytics Tools for Healthcare IT Pprofessionals

There’s no shortage of challenges that can keep HCIT professionals awake at night, and stressed-out during the day: HIPAA privacy requirement, inadequate data storage, cyber threats, and skyrocketing IT project costs readily spring to mind. However, there’s one particularly thorny problem area that is arguably responsible for more exhausted “I should have gone to cooking school” sentiments than anything else: having to manage and support a disparate array of analytics tools in the environment.

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Healthcare Analytics Tools: Don’t Underestimate the ROI of Convenience

When evaluating their healthcare analytics tools, hospitals and health networks naturally focus on measuring ROI. However, if this process is exclusively about investment costs, then it is not capturing the full story — because it is not just about money: it is also about convenience.

At first glance, this may seem unusual — or perhaps simply mistaken. After all, how important is convenience when it comes to optimizing healthcare analytics tools and exploiting their full value? Well, if you ask the people who must use such tools on day-to-day basis, the answer is a clear and emphatic: it matters enormously!

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Pursuit Healthcare Advisors Announces Partnership with Industry’s Only Provider of Subscription-Based, Enterprise Wide, Integrated Reporting

Pursuit Healthcare Advisors, LLC (Pursuit) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Polaris Strategic Solutions, Inc. (Polaris) whose services and toolkit will complement Pursuit’s own solutions. Polaris was founded with the goal of eliminating obstacles which prevent many hospitals and health systems from implementing a true enterprise-wide reporting and analytics system. Their innovative approach combines accessing an organization’s data across multiple vendor software platforms with aggregating that data into custom reports which are flexible, dynamic, and responsive on-demand.

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Polaris Client BMC Ranked #1 in Country for Patient Safety

The Polaris Strategic Solutions team is delighted to congratulate our valued client Berkshire Medical Center (BMC) for recently being ranked #1 in the nation for its composite measure of PSI-90 Patient Safety Indicators.

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Hospitals & Healthcare Networks: 5 Reasons Why Your Analytics Partner Should Offer an Inclusive Billing Model

5 Reasons for Inclusive Billing

Selecting the right healthcare analytics partner is indeed a challenge for hospitals and health systems. Faced with a growing demand for analytics and declining budgets, it’s difficult to find a workable solution that meets the organization’s needs and generates a reasonable ROI.

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8 Questions to Ask a Prospective Healthcare Analytics Partner Before You Hire – Not After

8 Questions for Your Healthcare Analytics Partner

On today’s complex, fast-paced and patient-centric health care management landscape, data and business intelligence tools are essential. However, a successful implementation and appropriate staff training is just the beginning. There is another critical piece of the puzzle that ultimately determines whether the investment is rewarding or regrettable: integration.

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Less is More in Healthcare Analytics

Less is More

Attention healthcare administrators: Polaris is a business intelligence service that can turn ‘less’ into so much more. You and your medical and health services managers can be more informed and more empowered with much less effort. How? Because Polaris’ advanced analytics service efficiently assembles, arranges and automates your business information – serving vital intelligence to you daily.

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Polaris at NRHA’s Critical Access Hospital Conference

Polaris Strategic Solutions was proud to be a part of the NRHA’s 15th annual Critical Access Hospital Conference in Kansas City, MO from September 21-23, 2016. We are a great solution for Critical Access Hospitals because we get to essential information quickly in a way that keeps costs to a minimum. Marilyn and Patrick enjoyed […]

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The Pros and Cons of Data Discovery

Pros and Cons of Data Discovery

Traditional Business Intelligence tools have been around for years. But many organizations have found them too expensive, inflexible and labor intensive. Now Data Discovery tools are popping up. They are touted as an end user, self-service option for business data. Sounds good, right? But can it replace traditional BI? Does it mean you have to buy, learn and support another tool? Can it really be that easy?

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Polaris Strategic Solutions Extends Healthcare Data Analytics Service to Community, Rural And Critical Access Hospitals

Polaris Strategic Solutions announced today that they will be introducing new brand positioning for their Polaris offering and extending their unique, customized data analytics service across multiple markets. Polaris is strategically positioned to fill a market gap in providing a data analytics service that has a low cost of entry as well as extensive reporting capability.

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