Rural Health Analytics

Just as your community counts on you for their healthcare, you can count on Polaris for your healthcare information.

If you are having trouble finding the resources that can provide the business insight and analytical data you need, Polaris is the solution.

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The Polaris service offers many advantages for rural hospitals:

Information needed by your organization

Navigate the financial pressures, changing demographics and shifting services. Get the current picture by leveraging data from your various sources into a consolidated view. Metrics on quality, clinical, financial, ambulatory, population health and more can be made ready for you every day by Polaris.

Availability to all geographic locations

We are based in the United States and span the nation utilizing remote technology. That means you can access our experts easily and benefit from our rapid responses – from every corner of the country.

Economy of multipurpose reporting

Get double the value from our custom solution. Any data, any purpose – specialized to your situation – resulting in the most direct path to your satisfaction without the added expense and complexity of single-use software. Save time and money on training your staff as well.

A boost for a busy workforce

Professional and managerial staff are precious and vital. Don’t burn their valuable time assembling data into spreadsheets. Give them a boost by putting the information they need at their fingertips, all without draining your IT staff.


Select a package that brings you the best value. The formula is simple – a subscription fee that is specified up front. No hidden costs.


Here’s how our customers describe the value of Polaris.


Southwestern Vermont
“After evaluating our options, we chose Polaris for the completeness of their service, their flexible attitude, their willingness to doing whatever it takes to meet our needs, and the minimal impact on our IT resources. Polaris automates everything for us so all the magic happens without additional work on our part.”

Gail R. Balch, Southwestern Vermont Health Care

Berkshire Health
Polaris has allowed us to satisfy far more end users, in a far shorter period of time, than anything else we’ve tried here or that I have seen in other hospitals. We’re constantly expanding its use into new areas, meeting the needs of more and more of our users.”

Bill Young, Berkshire Health Systems

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