Polaris Strategic Solutions Extends Healthcare Data Analytics Service to Community, Rural And Critical Access Hospitals

Polaris sets new standard in healthcare data analytics with service offering

Malvern, PA – August 4, 2016 (BUSINESS WIRE)—Polaris Strategic Solutions announced today that they will be introducing new brand positioning for their Polaris offering and extending their unique, customized data analytics service across multiple markets. Polaris is strategically positioned to fill a market gap in providing a data analytics service that has a low cost of entry as well as extensive reporting capability.

The Polaris data analytics service is the first of its kind. Using a comprehensive set of scalable tools, experienced Polaris personnel act as an extension of the client’s staff to build customized reports, dashboards and more that combine data from disparate systems.

Specializing in quality/value, clinical productivity, financial optimization, physician performance, population health and more, Polaris is facilitating daily healthcare enterprise and departmental reporting. Additional focus areas include planning, market analysis, trending and process improvement.

Polaris further assists clients by augmenting their current HIT vendor’s analytics capabilities to obtain the necessary strategic, operational and tactical reporting for efficiently managing their organizations.

John Orefice, Founder and President of Polaris Strategic Solutions is quoted as saying, “Polaris is defying traditional models of high cost data analytics. We are in a unique position within the healthcare industry to offer providers affordable access to disparate data, flexible output and daily updates. We are very pleased to expand our offering beyond community hospitals to serve the rural and critical access hospitals’ needs.”

About Polaris Strategic Solutions:

Polaris is a Healthcare Analytics service specializing in custom reports and dashboards for Quality & Value, Clinical Productivity, Financial Optimization, Physician Performance, Population Health and much more.

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