Here’s what Berkshire Health Systems has to say about Polaris

“Polaris Strategic Solutions helped build a reporting solution that is now in use by more than 350 people in our organization. In doing so, Polaris ensures that our vital information is always current, accurate and available and that new requests are fulfilled quickly. The entire system has enabled us to get smarter as we go.”

Rachel Tomkowicz, Manager of Business Applications

“Each morning, I use Polaris to get a quick look at the data most important to me. Polaris has brought timely, relevant information to our fingertips. Every level of our organization benefits. We finally have the data we need to help us with both our operational and strategic decisions.”

Darlene Rodowicz, Chief Financial Officer

“Polaris has allowed us to satisfy far more end users, in a far shorter period of time, than anything else we’ve tried here or that I have seen in other hospitals/systems. Polaris has become an extension of our staff bringing a level of expertise that would be nearly impossible to develop internally, especially at this price. We’re constantly expanding its use into new areas, meeting the needs of more and more of our users.”

Bill Young, Chief Information Officer

Berkshire Health

Berkshire Health Systems in Pittsfield, Massachusetts is the Berkshire region’s leading provider of comprehensive healthcare services. With award-winning programs, nationally-recognized physicians, world-class technology and a sincere commitment to the community, BHS is delivering the kind of advanced healthcare most commonly found in large metropolitan centers.

About Polaris

Polaris Strategic Solutions empowers hospitals and health systems with innovative enterprise reporting services that drive business objectives and provide access to an unmatched level of expertise and ongoing support. Contact us for more information.

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